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Meta I/O

Connect, manage and monitor every major meta-search channel with one powerful dashboard.

Once you're logged in, the rates and availabilities of your reservation system are sent to the metasearch channels, while every subsequent click is redirected to your booking engine with the pre-selected dates, ready to be booked directly on your site.

An easy-to-use dashboard

  • Intuitive graphics make it easy to monitor the evolution of your parameters.
  • Carefully manage your expenses on each online reservation site.
  • With our metasearch manager, you can apply the same offer to several hotels at the same time.
  • You can also create groups of hotels to improve your customer segmentation.

A central platform

Nothing beats an effective and well-planned metasearch campaign for boosting traffic to your site. Our platform is integrated with all the leading customer reservation systems (CRS), as well as with metasearch engines and the reservation systems of hotel chains that are active in the e-tourism industry. Today, our system provides for more than 100 possible connections.

One click is all it takes to log in to our system and start managing all your metadata campaigns via a single dashboard.


Stay connected

Today's travelers want hotel searches to be as quick and painless as possible. We've therefore come up with a solution that lets you position your ad in metasearch engines and increase traffic to your reservation system. Our platform incorporates CPCs as well as CPAs, allowing you to obtain 1+ million clicks per visit. You'll only pay for those reservations that are confirmed on the date of checkout.

Meta I/O is integrated with all the biggest customer reservation systems (CRS), as well as with today's leading metasearch engines and hotel chains with their own reservation systems. Upon logging in to our system, the rates and availabilities of your reservation system are sent to the metasearch channels, where your hotel will appear with its logo. Each click is redirected to your booking engine with the pre-selected dates, ready to be booked directly on your site. You'll appear at the top of the list of results and therefore gain more market share.

Budget Management

Today, the marketing of travel deals in physical travel agencies is entirely obsolete. Thanks to Meta I/O algorithms, managing your hotel ads has never been easier. Simply calculate your advertising expenses, return on investment, and desired conversion rates. We'll also help you fine-tune the position of each of your hotels on every distribution channel. You can add or remove hotels with a single click and discover which platforms generate the least income. To be on the safe side, set budget caps for each hotel or hotel chain and keep a constant eye on your CPC.

Bidding System

The platform makes it easy to monitor your offers manually. To save time, you can also take advantage of the platform's built-in artificial intelligence to set up automated bidding.

Meta I/O lets you oversee every part of your metasearch campaigns from one centralized platform. Filter results by market, device, date, length of stay, and more. We understand that your distribution costs must not exceed a certain limit. That's why we offer various bidding options which will allow you to assign a bid value manually (e.g. 22, 23, or 24 cents) or choose one of our automated bidding options (return on target ad expenses, auto-bid, maximum bid, bid for visibility, bid for first position, bid for second position, etc.), and thus set a budget cap.

Other control mechanisms will also let you automate the process and reach your goal.

Cost Per Click

Most metasearch engines operate in accordance with the "cost per click" model. These costs can vary greatly from one price comparison site to another. All of these sites use a bidding model.

ROI Reporting

Meta I/O is an independent reporting platform that lets you filter your data by ROI, revenue, advertising expenses, and more. If you wish to take advantage of more reports, you can download your data as Excel files and incorporate it into your other documents.

OTA Program

No risky CPCs or CPAs for hotel ads. An OTA can offer a commission (%) on the total value of the reservation after the sale. Only pay if you get a booking. Easy to integrate.

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