Website for hotels

Build and manage custom website for hotels

Thanks to our digital knowledge, creating a website has never been so easy. Each page of your site will be built according to precise specifications and with the help of innovative marketing and communication tools.

Our goal?

To highlight the unique personality of your hotel and to promote traffic acquisition. As a creative digital marketing agency, we know the importance of web marketing. That's why each of our projects is tailor-made to be as unique and relevant as your hotel.

This fully customizable communication strategy is for us the only possible solution for anyone wishing to attract more potential customers and increase their return on investment. Website design, graphic identity, web strategy, website redesign, domain name selection, professional website hosting: whatever your operational needs are, we take care of everything!

Digital Marketing Agency for Hotels

Web agency for hotels since 1999, we are specialized in tourism and hotel marketing. We support more than 11 000 hotels in the creation of digital tools for their hotels.

The hotel website is part of a digital communication strategy for hotels, to fully exploit its benefits our marketing agency for hotels is at your disposal.


Website for boutique hotels, luxury hotels, resort hotels

As a specialist in the hotel sector, WIHP with its experience is able to accompany you in the development of your unique website. We will be able to enhance your website whether it is for a boutique hotel, a luxury hotel or even a resort.

The website of your hotel is the first contact of a visitor with your establishment.

Trust our team of specialists to create a unique hotel website. Highlight your establishment regardless of its typology (boutique hotel, luxury hotel, resorts, hotel restaurant ...).

Our goal?

Highlight the unique personality of your hotel and boost your traffic. As a web development agency, we understand the importance of web marketing. Each of our sites is custom-made to reflect the pertinence and unique qualities of our clients. We believe a fully personalized communication strategy is the best way to help you attract more clients and increase your return on investment. Designing a showcase website, selecting suitable graphics, developing a web strategy, rebuilding a site, choosing a domain name, hosting professional sites: whatever your needs, we've got you covered!

  • Beautiful imagery
  • Fullscreen video integration
  • Responsive design
  • Customized booking path
  • Rooms and suites showcase
  • Hotel amenities showcase
  • Special offers
  • Integrated Google map
  • Custom integrations
  • Easy to use CMS
  • Advanced engineering
  • Backed by Amazon CDN
  • Search engine optimization
  • Google Ecommerce tracking

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